Ukrainian  NGO “Strategic Vision” that is focused on the problems of restoration of the economy, infrastructure and mental health of Ukrainians who suffered due to russian aggression. Moreover, the organization provides people who found themselves in a difficult situation with humanitarian help: refugees, wounded soldiers, and civilians in hospitals.

Not only in eases destiny for victims of the war, helps renew physical and psychological health, but also motivates citizens of Ukraine to refuse emigration abroad, continue defense of the country, run their professional activity or business.

Mainly we provide assistance within the city of Zaporizhzhia, which is located less than 60 km from the front line, is suffering from rocket attacks and is accommodating hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons from the east and south of Ukraine. Below you can get acquainted with some examples of our humanitarian help.

This humanitarian help is provided at the expense of our organization and donations. We must report in detail on the provision of assistance publicly and, if possible, personally to donors. You can take part in helping Ukrainians, who stayed in Ukraine and are victims of russian aggression.

Even $10 — important help for Ukrainians who suffered from russian aggression.

$10 is:

  • a set of products that can feed one migrant for several days
  • a set of underwear and personal hygiene products for injured civilian or soldier, who is at hospital
  • first aid kit for those, who live, work and are engaged in volunteer activities in dangerous conditions.

The easiest way to take part in helping Ukrainians — sacrifice on the PayPal wallet of organization or you can contact us for a choice of a more comfortable way of donation.

Here examples of humanitarian help, that was provided by  NGO “Strategic Vision”:

  • clothes for civilians and wounded soldiers who are in various medical institutions of the city were handed over to the Zaporizhzhya Military Hospital
  • sent foods, tea, coffee, sweets to Dream hostel of  Zaporizhzhya, that shelters families of refugees for several days at no charge.
  • provided Wi-Fi routers to restore communication in one of the settlements of the region
  • handed over to the BanderOlka volunteer center, which operates on the basis of cultural institutions of the city of Zaporizhzhya, vegetables for cooking for Ukrainian defenders, the necessary work tools as well
  • on a daily basis we have been delivering food, purified water, clothes and shoes for the needs of the patients of the Zaporizhzhya Military Hospital.