Ukrainian FM doubts grain exports will be unblocked soon

Negotiations on the opening of grain corridors are ongoing, and there are several most important steps that are not easy to reach an agreement on, including those on security guarantees for Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this in an interview with Bloomberg, Ukrinform reports.

Kuleba said a number of logistical details need to be worked out in talks brokered by Turkey and United Nations between Ukraine and Russia, though breaking the deadlock will be difficult.

Negotiations are ongoing and they are focused on discussing delivery routes and security mechanisms for cargo vessels.

We are just about a few steps from the deal, but these steps are the most difficult. […] I don’t want to join the chorus of those who say the agreement will take place next week, – Kuleba said.

He noted that negotiators haven’t yet reached an agreement on securing Odesa, Ukraine’s largest seaport, from Russian attack, as well as foreign patrols guarding non-military cargoes.

We need firm guarantees. Those are the ones that are being worked out, – the minister said.

Kuleba expressed skepticism that Moscow is willing to reach an agreement, since its blockade provides leverage over Ukraine.

They don’t want to take off this stranglehold from our economy, that’s why they are delaying this,” Kuleba said.

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